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Buyer Guides

Looking for a dream car, or a car for the whole family with spacious and excellent ride comfort.

In AutoBizz.com.my, there is a wide range of car selection. Autobizz.com.my allows you to keep track easily and find your dream car faster. Further information on each vehicle is available in our car listing

Economic Car

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There are three different approaches that manufacturers take when trying to develop the most economical car.

They can use a standard gasoline or petrol engine. This has historically been the favoured approach simply because there was no alternative until relatively recently.

The second choice is a diesel engine. Diesel technology has improved immensely over the last two decades, becoming highly efficient and, importantly, very refined. 

The final approach open to car makers is the gasoline or petrol electric hybrid. This technology has only been around in the last decade and consists of two powerplants in the one vehicle - a gasoline engine and an electric motor.

You can get more information from our forum.


Car purchase checklist

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To make sure you buy a car that fits your needs, start by answering these 11 questions:

1. Do I prefer a domestic or an import brand? Does it matter?

 2. Do I need  a large car, a medium-sized car -- or a small one?

3. Do I need a vehicle with rear-wheel drive, front-wheel drive or some sort of all-wheel-drive/4x4 system?

4. Do I prefer a soft ride, a firm, "sporty" ride -- or something in-between?

5. How important is power/performance? Do I need a new car that can do 150 mph?

6. Do I need a vehicle that can carry cargo? How much?

7. What kind of gas mileage is acceptable?

8. How about safety? The presenceof features like side-curtain air bags, stability control and brake assist?

9. What level of warranty coverage meets my expectations? Is three years/36,000 miles enough? Or is the minimum five years/50,000 miles?

10. Is resale/trade-in value a big consideration? Some brands hold their value much better than others.

Your answers to the above will automatically exclude a number of makes/models, narrowing your pool of possible candidates considerably. Now the biggest question:

 11. How much do you want to spend ?


Car Search

Hits: 596

 There is a lot of new and used car available in the market .  

Follow these simple tips to help you find the best deal of your dream car.

You probably know your wishes. If not, start here for new and used car.

  1. Search for a dream car. Don't limit yourself with a particular car.  Browse through AutoBizz car catalog.
  2. Use Autobizz's "add to shortlist" function to compare a few model from the similar category.You can find out which model is best value for money.
  3. Narrow down your search with our powerful Advance search tool to find a cheaper and ideal car.
  4. You can locate your dream car within the radius that convenient to you.
  5. Look at the pictures well before you made a trip to the shop. They often say more about the condition of the vehicle as the seller's description. The quality of the images is to see how carefully provider to sell the deal. 
  6. Check with dealer on the additional warranty or guarantee seal. Sometimes car dealer do provide extra warranty or guarantee.




Family car

Hits: 1044

Family car, used car   A family car is a car classification to describe normally-sized cars. These cars are suitable for a family to go shopping or on vacations. Most family cars are hatchbacks or saloons, although there are MPV also.

     Consider first the amount of  space you expect from your family car.

  •     Decide on what features you do not want to miss.
  •     Are the models meet your budget





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